About us

Our first production plant is situated in historical part of petrochemical industry, where Ignacy Łukasiewicz, distilation pioneer, invented his invaluable process. 

In 2013, historical brand of JASOL oils was reactivated. Refreshed image of products and new technologies contributed to the market success of this brand. A few years later, i.e. in 2018, the company introduces a line of premium products called REVLINE. It is a full range of modern oils for passenger and truck, as well as agricultural machinery. Thanks to the new brand, export sales has also started.

New plant in Kędzirzeyn-Koźle was built and opened in 2020. We increase production capacity and our range of products gets wider.

Experience and technical backgroud strenghten our company and our position chnage every year form local comapany to international, covering a lot of new world sites. Our brands started to be remarkable and well known in many parts of Europe.

Dynamic development is our mission which contribute to meeting our customers requiremants and to satisfy them. We are ready to continue the expansion into a new markets.